Describe your role at Perigee Fund

I provide administrative support for senior management, including our founder, executive director, director of programs, and director of planning and operations in support of business functions and operations. This includes everything from travel planning, meeting arrangements and scheduling, research, and special projects as needed.

Related to your role, describe what you are passionate about and/or what is the philosophy you bring to the organization?

I have always been a helper, interested in whole person care with values aligned with addressing inequity in all forms. So, coming into this role allows me to live my values in real time, doing work that matters. We are never done learning and should always, always be listening.

Tell us a little bit about your professional background starting with your most recent position.

I have spent the past 25 years in the healthcare/wellness sector in roles ranging from strategic account manager, operations manager, proposal manager and executive assistant. Most recently I was employed by Vera Whole Health as an executive assistant to the head of our sales team. Each position allowed me to develop a wide range of skills including project management, building customer relationships, time management, adaptability, strategy, and organizational skills – all of which are useful in my role at Perigee.

What excites you about working with Perigee Fund?

Where to begin? Working at Perigee allows me to marry my own values and beliefs with work I am enthusiastic about. I get to work with so many incredibly talented and enthusiastic people who genuinely care about addressing mental health and trauma. Being able to support them in Perigee’s vision to end intergenerational trauma through the power of early relationships between infants and mothers is incredibly rewarding.

What is your favorite way to develop early connections with the babies and young children in your life?

Play. There is something so pure and joyful about children laughing, being curious and watching them learn at this age. As we age, we get so ‘in our head’ and neglect curiosity and being in the moment ourselves. A child’s curiosity and the forming of their own thoughts is so amazing to witness – a gift really.