Our Equity North Star

Babies embody our inequitable past and hopeful future. Perigee Fund sees an unparalleled opportunity to disrupt intergenerational trauma by serving the relationship between babies and caregivers. Our intersectional impact as a prenatal-3 mental health funder will grow deeper roots when we use our philanthropic resources for equity.

Perigee Fund centers prenatal-3 families affected by trauma and toxic stress, which are magnified by racial, economic, and gender injustice. When families are supported equitably, babies and parents can more easily tap into the transformational power of connection, healing, hope, and joy.

We hold in mind the baby and the mother, particularly BIPOC mothers, and their need to be wrapped in healthy families, robust communities, and systems and policies that protect rather than threaten their unfolding relationship. We focus our commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and power building through four interconnected pillars.

Strategic illustrations by On the Right Mind.

more dollars to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) organizations and leaders.

diversity, inclusion and antiracism in our capacity building with infant mental health and maternal mental health fields.

in advocates, family voices, and systems actors to dismantle systems and policies that harm while securing those that support. We value power building and shared decision-making.

is personal to our diverse team. We commit to ongoing learning, critical reflection, and working on the internal to make a difference externally.

I believe that if you want to fight inequality you have to do it starting at infancy.

Michelle Bachelet, MD
United Nations High Commissioner for Human
Rights, Former President of Chile

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