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Maternal Mental Health Equity Fund Proposals Due Jan. 12.

Babies’ experiences shape who they become.

Healthy relationships with caregivers give babies and toddlers the best start in life.

Reducing the Impact of Trauma and Toxic Stress

All children deserve the best possible start in life. But when parents experience adversity, such as poverty, trauma and racism, their children can feel lasting effects, even into adulthood. Early support for babies, families, and caregivers can lessen the impact, leading to better long-term health and well-being.

Our Approach

Perigee Fund partners with organizations whose initiatives support the infant-caregiver relationship and increase the capacity for all families to experience healthy, joyful connections. We focus our funding and resources on two key areas – Mental Health and Family Supports for Well-Being – particularly initiatives that center communities of color.

Mental Health

Babies and their caregivers benefit from unique, developmentally appropriate mental health services.

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Family Supports for Well-Being

Babies can thrive when parents are supported with time, money, care, and connection.

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A Pathway to Change

Change is happening as organizations, communities, and families work together and leverage their inherent strengths. These are some of the initiatives in which Perigee Fund invests.

Washington State Paid Family and Medical Leave

Promoting uptake of paid family leave for time to bond with baby.

National Care for All with Respect and Equity Fund

Uniting with other funders because caregiving is infrastructure.

Barnard Center for Infant Mental Health and Development

Diversifying and expanding the IECMH clinical workforce in Washington and neighboring states.

Seattle Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot

Supporting pregnant families with no-strings-attached GBI program.

Washington State Families Together Initiative

Expanding community alternatives to child welfare.

National Birth Equity Partnerships

Partnering with birth equity for maternal mental health equity.

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