Babies need intimacy and connection to thrive.

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Health Affairs Request for Abstracts on Perinatal Mental Health

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the point in the orbit of the moon or a satellite at which it is nearest to the Earth.

The name “Perigee” evokes secure attachment behavior in the young child, who moves in an “orbit” around a primary caregiver and can safely enjoy both the warmth of intimacy, and the joy of independent discovery and exploration within a healthy relationship.

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Bright futures start with strong families

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Take Action for Babies at the Border

Children belong with their families, not in border detention facilities.  Have a minute to take action? What about 5? 10?  Zero to Three  has three simple actions so you can be a Be a Big Voice for Little Kids experiencing trauma at the border. Click HERE to get started

Paid Family and Medical Leave

Implementation of Paid Leave in Washington in 2020 is an important opportunity for parents and caregivers to have bonding time with babies.


Paid Leave FAQ