Strategic Framework

Our Vision is to end intergenerational trauma through the power of early relationships.

Our Goal is to shift policies and systems to increasingly value and embed supports for caregiver and infant mental health in the places where families are during pregnancy and early childhood.

Expecting to sunset in 10 to 15 years, we work toward generational change in three outcome areas through nine interconnected strategies.

In pursuit of lasting change, we are guided by our Equity North Star, working to shift resources and power to elevate BIPOC leadership; to ensure that equity, diversity, and inclusion are core to the Infant Mental Health (IMH) and Maternal Mental Health (MMH) fields; to invest in equitable systems change; and to commit ourselves to ongoing learning, reflection, and internal change to make a difference externally

Outcomes and Strategies

Outcome 1.
Mental health and relationship-based supports are more accessible for diverse Prenatal – Age 3 families impacted by trauma.
Outcome 2.
There is growing momentum and capacity to address intergenerational trauma across Prenatal – Age 3 mental health and relationship-based fields.

Outcome 3.
Families in pregnancy and early childhood have access to cash and cash-equivalent benefits that reduce major drivers of cumulative, poverty-related stress.

The voices of families impacted by trauma play a central role in shaping services, defining policy, and advocating for change.