Describe your role at Perigee Fund. 

I collaborate with Perigee grantees and partners to grow organizational and leadership capacity to build power across the prenatal-to-three mental health field.

Related to your role, what are you passionate about and/or what is the philosophy you bring to the organization?

I am passionate about developing a diverse workforce that reflects and supports all families and values parents as experts.

Tell us a little bit about your professional background, starting with your most recent position.

I previously worked as a strategy consultant at FSG and Ernst & Young, helping nonprofit, philanthropy, and business clients pursue their visions for change.

What excites you about working with Perigee Fund?

I believe philanthropy can help early childhood and health care systems confront racial, economic, and gender inequity through supporting the approaches and providers that families most value and prioritize.

What is your favorite way to develop early connections with the babies and young children in your life?

My children have been my greatest teachers, inspiring my curiosity and commitment to social justice. My family loves to spend time outdoors connecting in nature — camping, cross country skiing, and hiking.