Moving the Needle on Maternal Mental Health through Advocacy for National Policy Change

Leading Organizations Advance Maternal Mental Health Policy

Maternal mental health (MMH) is the most common complication of childbirth, affecting up to one in five women, with disproportionate impact in BIPOC communities and other marginalized groups, and intersecting with a wide array of societal issues and systems. When birthing people receive the mental health interventions they need, they are better able to bond with their babies, which forms the foundation for positive outcomes throughout the infants’ lives.

To achieve meaningful policy change, particularly for those furthest from equity, a robust and coordinated advocacy effort must be in place. Since 2020, Perigee grantees Maternal Mental Health Leadership Alliance (MMHLA), the Policy Center for Maternal Mental Health (formerly 2020 Mom), and Shades of Blue Project have brought their unique expertise together to advance several federal policies critical to positive MMH outcomes. Perigee Fund’s investment in their advocacy capacity and collaboration resulted in several significant wins that increase mental health help for moms in health care, community, and home settings, including:

Perigee fund focuses on systems change. Investing in national advocacy for policy, public resource flows, and connections and relationships has resulted in important returns for the issue of MMH from which to further build.

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