Description of Role:

I’m here to guide the team to think, work, and act strategically while staying organized.

Related to your role, what are you passionate about and/or what is the philosophy you bring to the organization?

I am passionate about reproductive justice: the idea that all bodies should be self-determined and all families should be able to grow and thrive, wherever they are. I am on the board of the National Network of Abortion Funds. I am a feminist who works to be trauma-informed and intersectional in my approach. And I am a lifelong learner.

Tell us a little bit about your professional background, starting with your most recent position.

Throughout my career, I have helped create a new model for democratic philanthropy, raised millions for organizations, and trained over 2,000 professionals on how to fundraise. I have worked in and for community to pass marriage equality in Washington state, developed partnerships between the tech sector and public education to help students of color excel, and innovated around community-based advocacy models for immigrant survivors of domestic violence. With this range of experience, I started my own nonprofit consulting firm, Devi Consults to support organizations and leaders to meet their mission informed by their values and their communities. 

Some of my favorite things to do include obsessing over my dog, finding the best french fries, and playing out my rock star fantasies through karaoke.

What excites you about working with Perigee Fund?

The opportunity: We get to move resources at every level toward mental health for babies and communities that most need them. To do this with a smart and fun team is an exciting opportunity.

What is your favorite way to develop early connections with the babies and young children in your life?

Dance parties!