Describe your role at Perigee Fund. 

I oversee the processing of grants, from the time a grant is approved to the time it closes. I make sure the grant is paid, that the grantee has all grant documentation (award letter, agreement, schedule of reporting), and I make sure the life of grant is adhered to. 

What are you passionate about and/or what is the philosophy you bring to the organization?

I believe relationships are at the core of everything. With people and with organizations, relationships are key to success. In my role at Perigee, I am very passionate about making sure grantees are treated with the utmost respect and that they get their funds as quickly as possible. 

Tell us a little bit about your professional background.

There was no straight line in my career. I started at Weyerhaeuser as a receptionist, eventually progressing to the position of Security Supervisor. I studied international business in Paris, where I learned to speak French. Back in the States I worked for a think tank focusing on transportation. Eventually I moved to the Gates Foundation as a Program Assistant in global health, then I was recruited to Perigee.

What excites you about working with Perigee Fund?

Lisa Mennet, our founder, has such a passion and laser focus on babies. She always brings us back to thinking about what is best for babies. The way she approaches philanthropy is so different from anything I’ve seen in my career. I am also passionate about babies. There is substance use disorder in my extended family, and I’ve seen the trauma that kids go through because of it. It’s exciting to be with an organization that is working to interrupt that trauma.

What is your favorite way to develop early connections with the babies and young children in your life?

The best way for me to develop connections with children is to respect them, their intellect, and where they are in their life. They are individuals. They come into the world with open minds and open hearts. My job is to make it the most positive experience possible for them.