Becca Graves Becca Graves baby picture

Becca Graves

Executive Director

Becca leads the Perigee team. She engages as a thought partner and a dedicated listener. She holds a core belief that when communities and networks of leaders come together, they can transform how we see both problems and their solutions and deepen the ways in which people work together to bring about change. She spent over 15 years at FSG as a founding team member and a managing director, focused on community-driven philanthropy and the design of strategic initiatives.

Kimberly Gilsdorf, MBA

Program Officer

Kim focuses on resourcing Perigee’s grantees and partners. She is energized by opportunities to build organizational and leadership capacity, the critical role of front-line professionals serving families, and a commitment to learning in action. She believes that the time spent working alongside grantee partners is as important as the financial resources Perigee invests. She has led complex workforce development initiatives and has direct experience building community-based organizations.

Teresa Gonzales

Teresa Gonzales

Senior Grants, Contracts, and Office Administrator

Teresa is the hub of Perigee’s work. She works with the team to build the processes through which Perigee Fund resources grantees and partners with others. She has a deep appreciation for the power of strong and secure relationships in very young children’s lives and a commitment to the role of philanthropy in working collaboratively to affect systemic barriers. She brings a decade of experience at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation working with the Washington State and Early Learning teams.

Lisa Mennet

Lisa Mennet, PhD


Lisa is our founder and anchors Perigee Fund in the values, insights, and experiences she has gained as an infant mental health therapist to families and children, a clinical educator, and a mentor to early childhood professionals. She is the Clinical Director at Cooper House and has witnessed not only the challenges that come with a lack of programming and resources but, more importantly, the powerful impact timely interventions can have in changing a child’s life trajectory.

Seattle Foundation

Our colleagues at Seattle Foundation provide operational support and expertise that enables Perigee Fund to operate effectively to promote the healthy social and emotional development of babies and toddlers. Seattle Foundation is committed to creating an inclusive community where all have access to opportunity and the benefits of a healthy community.

Everything that we know about babies leads to the conclusion that they seek human connection, not only to survive but for its own sake. They are born looking for us. Given a choice of what to look at in their first hours, it is always the human face they choose.

Jeree H Pawl, Ph.D